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Wine is a beverage produced in several regions of France. In fact, there are several French estates and châteaux that rank among the world’s finest producers of this beverage. These include Château Lascombes in Margaux, with its wine of the same name. Here’s an overview of this estate and its wine.

Lascombes de Margaux wine and its different owners

Lascombes de Margaux is a red wine produced in Bordeaux’s Médoc region. Created by the Lascombes family who gave their name to the château, this is a wine of exceptional quality and great finesse. This vineyard, created in the 17th century, has had several owners. In 1855 and 1867, the château was owned by the Hue and Chaix d’Est-Ange families respectively. In 1952, it was bought by Alexis Lichine, who managed it for 19 years before selling it to the Bass group in 1971. The latter entrusted management to René Vannetelle in 1985. He managed the château efficiently until it was sold to the Colony Capital group in 2001. This group sold the vineyard in 2011 to MACSF, which in turn sold Lascombes to Gaylon Lawrence in 2022.

The Château Lascombes estate in Margaux

Château Lascombes, in the Margaux appellation, is located on a vast estate of 120 hectares of vines. It is one of the largest vineyards in France and boasts a variety of highly sought-after soils. Indeed, the quality of Lascombes de Margaux wine is due to the excellent quality of the soil on which the grapes are grown. The soil at Château Lascombes in Margaux comes in three distinct varieties. One part is a gravelly croup, another is very clayey and a third is of the clay-limestone variety. With this diversity, several different types of vines are grown, giving the château’s wines an unrivalled originality.

Wine grape varieties and aromas

Château Lascombes de Margaux is produced from three different grape varieties with a variety of aromas.

These are Carbanet Sauvignon, Merlot and Verdot. Carbanet sauvignon is the grape variety that mainly produces red wine. Merlot, on the other hand, is a vine that ripens quickly, with black and red fruits that give flavors that evolve over the years. The verdot grape variety ripens very late in the season, but specializes in bringing bright color and powerful flavor to the wine.

Château Lascombes de Margaux boasts a splendid deep-red, sparkling color and a variety of aromas with a fairly high aromatic intensity. With this wine, you get fruity, woody, balsamic aromas with hints of cocoa, tobacco and curry.

The best wine vintages

The best years for Château Lascombes de Margaux are 2015, 2017 and 2019. These vintages are considered the best of all, with a score of 95/100. In addition, 2014, 2013, 2009, 2006, 2005 and 2001 were also outstanding years for this wine.