The 1973 Vintage

The 1973 vintage is referenced as the birth year of one of the most memorable vintages in history. The blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux resulted in the 1973 vintage.

In the Bordeaux vineyards, until September, all the weather factors were present to produce a very good wine, but this did not last. Indeed, the violent rains that fell on the vineyard during the harvest gave waterlogged grapes. However, there are superb successes in the wines of Pomerol and the wines of Graves. Surprisingly, the sweet wines are supple and full of charm.

Best wines of 1973

This overview of the best wines of the Bordeaux vintage begins with Château Yquem 1973, the sweet white that is one of the most successful. It is a wine that has all the characteristics of a good nectar, namely good acidity, sweetness and smoothness. It is a real pleasure to drink and to smell its bouquet which offers a very harmonious combination of fruity and creamy notes. Château Yquem 1973 is undoubtedly a great vintage, rich in pleasure and very pleasant.

There is the famous Petrus wine, which surely remains the emblem of this 1973 vintage. It is a very complex wine, where the nose reveals notes of oak, tobacco, spices and finally honey. The taste is very pleasant, but at the same time complex. There are powerful flavors in this wine, as well as lighter elements like flowers and fruits.

The wines of 1973 in the Burgundy region

The 1973 rain washed away most of the grape crop and ruined the wine. This year was also one of the hottest years on record, which contributed to the heavy rainfall. These two factors combined to ruin any chance of producing a great wine that year. However, there were some wines that kept a good rating. The 1973 Cheval Blanc is doing quite well. Cheval Blanc is a white wine made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes. This delight has a light “body” with a flavor generally described as tart and lemony. It was well balanced and had a smooth texture.

On the other hand, acidity, the backbone of the wine, will not be present in red wines. The wines will be finer, more delicate and lighter. The 1973 vintage is not the best year for Burgundy wines.

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