Wines 1992

Although not totally catastrophic, 1992 remains a complicated year for red wine producers. They had to rethink their priorities and make decisions necessary for the quality of their crop.

Wines of the 1992 vintage

1992 was a particularly difficult year for the winegrowers since they suffered the full force of the harmful consequences of the previous year’s frost. This period was marked by capricious climatic conditions. With a very dry and extremely hot start to the summer, early flowering and major rain events, the harvests were quite disrupted.

This forced the winegrowers to be very vigilant about the selection of the grapes at the time of sorting. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that despite the disastrous weather conditions, the winemakers were able to produce quality wines. Thanks to their know-how, they managed to obtain great classified growths such as Haut Brion, Château Mouton Rothschild and many more.

There is also Chateau Lafite Rothschild which has been able to stand out from the crowd by offering elegant and supple wines in the mouth. In addition, Pomerol wines such as Chateau Trotanoy 1992 and Petrus 1992 have been very successful.

The 1992 vintage in some French locations

Depending on the region, the impacts of these climate changes on the vines are different.

1992 Bordeaux wines

Although the overall assessment of the 1992 vintage is not very positive, it should be noted that the winegrowers have started well this year. Although flowering started fairly early, the moisture of the growing season had balanced the scales. Unfortunately, this balance was lost with the heavy rains in August and the cold weather in September.

These different climatic changes made 1992 a relatively complex vintage. Apart from the well-known winemakers in the field, this year has been catastrophic for the others. Indeed, those who had the presence of mind to do the right thing were able to offer quality wines. They had decided to thin out their vines by reducing the number of grape clusters on a vine. The goal was to avoid having light and diluted fruit due to a large yield.

The 1992 Burgundy wines

Contrary to Bordeaux, Burgundy is one of the most well off areas of the French vineyard. It is a region that offers a wine of excellent quality, whether it is red or white. In 1992, the vine cycle for the red wine went well, and the flowering was not only on time but also perfect.

As for the summer, it was hot and accompanied by a few drops of rain. The combination of all these conditions allowed us to have an abundant harvest. In view of this abundance, the winegrowers had decided to opt for green harvesting in order to privilege quality over quantity. Thanks to this decision, you will notice the presence of tannins in the red wines produced this year. They are quite powerful and the aromas are complex.