Wine La Conseillante

Château la Conseillante neighbors Domaine Petrus and Château Cheval Blanc towards Bordeaux. It’s also worth noting that it’s run by owners who have ensured exemplary winemaking processes for 5 generations. Benefiting from exceptional soils, a good climate and a technical know-how combining know-how and innovation, it enjoys optimal conditions for its production. This explains why it is one of Pomerol‘s right bank grands crus.

The history of Domaine La Conseillante

It was in the 18th century that the château we know today was built and the vineyards were planted by the woman known as “the iron lady”. This nickname was given to Catherine Conseillan because of her profession as a metal merchant. For the name of her wine, she chose a feminine variant of her surname. Although the site has changed owners several times, its real success came when it was bought by the Nicolas family in 1871. Louis Nicholas is undoubtedly the person who has turned this winery’s cru into a prestigious wine. To achieve this, he worked on both the technical and commercial sides of the business.

In 1971, Bernard and Francis Nicolas took over the family business and bought a new winery. This contributes to the worldwide boom in vintages produced. Today, the 5th generation is in charge, led by Jean-Valmy and Bertrand Nicolas.

The vineyard and vines of Château la Conseillante

While the current owners’ ambition is to practice responsible viticulture and reduce their ecological footprint, this was one of the objectives of the previous 4 generations.

Since its planting by the Iron Lady, the vineyard has spread over 12 hectares. The latter has a special feature in that it is planted on parcels of land from
Pomerol and Saint-Emilion. There are several types of soil: clay, sandy-gravel-clay, gravel-sand-clay as well as sand and pseudogley. On the Pomerol estate, we also find other estates such as Eglise Clinet and Trotanoy.

The grape variety is made up of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc. The soil is very rich in iron and excellently irrigated. This ensures that the vines never run out of water, even in the driest seasons.

Style, aromas and notes of La Conseillante wine

Given the quality of the château’s soils and subsoils, and its vines with an average age of 30 years, the wines are creamy, with powerful aromas.

The style is flamboyant, with the pure fruit flavors and violet notes that are so distinctive of La Conseillante. The grain is velvety and the tannins far from aggressive. You’ll have the amplitude and energy of an excellent Pomerol vintage. Over time, you will discover notes of truffles in the vintage.

In 2007, a newborn was born. This is Duo de la Conseillante. It emerges from sandy soils and has the particularity of being less concentrated than its elder brother. Still, it comes very close in terms of brilliance, freshness and aroma.

The best vintages of Château la Conseillante

Château la Conseillante has produced many sumptuous vintages. One of the most appreciated by connoisseurs is that of 1970.
And if, because of the storm in the area, we suggest you avoid the one in
1983 on the other hand, we can strongly suggest that you enjoy the 1949 wines,
1985, 1990, 2000 and 2005.