As wine lovers know, Petrus is one of the most famous and expensive wines in the world. A bottle can cost between €1,000 and €15,000. This will depend on the vintage. In fact, you’ll often find them in the cellars of collectors who are proud to show them off to friends and family. Discover this French wine that has been delighting local and foreign palates for centuries.

The history of the Petrus estate

While some people refer to Château Petrus, we’d like to inform you that it’s actually an estate. It takes its name from the place where it is located. If you look closely at the bottle labels, you’ll notice that they feature Saint Peter holding the keys to paradise. And in this case, it’s a taste paradise you can discover. By the end of the 12th century, this wine was already a favorite at the court of King Philip II.

One of the best-known owners of this estate is the Arnaud family, who owned it from 1770 until the early 20th century. The property then passed through several hands before landing in those of Marie-Louise Loubat which will collaborate on marketing with Jean-Pierre Moueix. Between them, they’ll make one of the best wines in Bordeaux whose prices will be close to those of great Médoc wines. In 1964, Jean-Pierre Moueix became the sole owner after buying out several shares from the Loubat family. Since 2018, a partnership with a wealthy Colombian has enabled the latter to own a 20% stake in the estate.

Petrus wine and its international reputation

Each year, the winery produces 30,000 bottles, which are snapped up by French and foreign customers alike, despite the price tag, which is far from affordable. Indeed, Pétrus has been exported and has always been among the favorites of the greatest. Queen Elizabeth II even sprinkled her wedding dinner with this prestigious French product. This has done much to enhance the reputation of this vintage. The Kennedy family, Marilyn Monroe and Francis Bacon are among its many fans, and especially among those who have talked about it.

And there’s nothing surprising about all this “publicity”. In fact, the vineyards of the winery are located at the top of the Pomerol plateau and benefit from an ancient blue clay soil. This ensures perfect water irrigation in all seasons. As for the grape varieties, they are predominantly Merlot. The grapes are harvested and de-stemmed by hand, the grapes are swamped for up to 3 weeks, and the more aggressive tannins are neutralized. All this makes Petrus the bestAppellation d’Origine Contrôlée wine in Pomerol.

The taste and aromas of Petrus

Let’s turn now to the sensory analysis of this wine. The Petrus has unmistakable cachet, with well-controlled tannins that are fat and velvety. Merlot gives it its tenderness. It is therefore both gentle and bold. The generosity of its bouquet is undeniable. You’ll find a complex blend of truffles, fruits such as blackcurrant, and tobacco. Acidity is medium to high, depending on the vintage.

Other wines from the Pomerol estate include Eglise Clinet, La Conseillante and Trotanoy.