Wines 1983, discover the vintage

The wines of the 1983 vintage is one of the most amazing. Between heat, humidity and fear of a bad vintage.

The 1983 wines: a vintage with extreme weather conditions

Whether in Bordeaux, Burgundy or anywhere else in France, the 1983 vintage seemed to be the perfect vintage. Indeed, the month of June was very productive for the winemakers. The flowering was abundant and of very good quality. This presaged an excellent vintage. Unfortunately, the following month, July, came with some of the hottest weather ever recorded in France. That said, it is the month of August that makes the situation totally critical. Indeed, with extreme weather conditions (hot, rainy and humid), mildew develops in the vineyards and attacks the grape plants. However, September and October are shaping up to be dry, warm and rainless. This allows the late-harvested grapes to reach optimal ripeness to fill the void created by the poor harvests earlier in the year. Thus, despite some problems, the 1983 vintage includes some exceptional vintages that you should know.

1983 wines : the best vintages of Bordeaux

For the Bordeaux region, we can mention these vintages:

The Château Margaux (Médoc wines) is a great vintage with very well developed aromas. You will find a slightly tangy and sweet taste. It must be said that the Medoc area, thanks to its draining soils, did not suffer too much from the rain damage. Moreover, all the critics agree: this red wine from the 1983 vintage is a work of art to be fully enjoyed. You can also count on very good Sauternes white wines with a very sweet taste such as :

  • Château Climens ;
  • Château Fargues ;
  • Château Gilette;
  • Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey ;
  • Château Rieussec.

There are also exceptional Yquem wines to mention.

1983 wines, weather conditions in Burgundy

Between hail storms, rain, late spring and grey rot in the vineyards of the region, the red burgundy wines of 1983 are rather tannic. However, it should be noted that with maturity, the tannin taste softens. On the other hand, for white wines, very good vintages were produced. There are among others the white Burgundy and the Chablis. It should be noted that in 1983, the harvest of ripe grapes was done well after September. Indeed, because of the catastrophic weather conditions encountered earlier in the year, the winemakers preferred to follow the growth of the grapes.

Bottles of 1983 wines to offer to your loved ones

We must keep in mind that the 40 years of age of the 1983 wines have allowed the aromas to develop fully. Today, the 1983 vintage is perfect. Indeed, these bottles already have all the characteristics of a good wine for aging. They are therefore perfect to offer for different occasions.

You can offer a bottle of wine to acquaintances for a birthday, Christmas or a tasting for the 40th anniversary of this vintage. White or red wines, the 1983 vintage includes exceptional bottles from several different regions of France. You can also offer wines from other vintages, 1953, 1963, 1973, 1993, 2003 and 2013. You can therefore acquire them for different occasions such as an evening with friends or family, a party, an evening of solitude.