Château Angélus, acheter des vins au meilleur prix

Château Angélus is one of France’s most prestigious wine estates. Located in Saint-Émilion in the heart of the Gironde, it is renowned for the quality of its products, such as the AOC-labeled Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, which was included in the top Saint-Émilion wine ranking in 2012.

According to the municipal archives of the commune of  Saint-Émilion Maurice de Bobard de Laforest inherited the estate in 1911. He added l’Angélus, a three-hectare enclosure, in 1920. His sons became the property’s owners in 1945. As a result, Jacques and Christian de Bobard de Laforest ran the estate until 1954, when the family estate was classified. In 1985, they increased the size of the site by some twenty hectares.

From then on, Hubert de Bobard de Laforest became the property’s director. He will be joined in 1987 by Christian de Bobard de Laforest’s son-in-law, Jean Bernard Grenier.

His daughter Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal took over the estate in 2012. The current director of Angélus represents the 8th generation of the family. She became the third woman to head the establishment, after Sophie de Bobard de Laforest in 1800 and Eugénie Chatenet in 1900.

Vineyard presentation

The vineyards cultivated on the south side of Saint-Émilion are highly prized on the market for several reasons.

This winegrowing estate, with its exceptional terroir, stands out for its mixed soils. It has a balanced distribution of limestone and clay ranging from 8% to 20%. This gives the soil a natural capacity to drain and absorb moisture. To this must be added a perfect adaptation of rootstocks in relation to grape varieties in keeping with the nature of the soils. The grape varieties are 51% Merlet, 2% Cabernet Sauvignon and 47% Cabernet Franc. It benefits from a natural water supply and grows on warm soils.

All of these elements contribute to offering wines of optimum quality.

Château Angélus vintages

As mentioned above, in 2012 Château Angélus was awarded the status of Premier Grand Cru Classé A. Among the best vintages of Château Angélus, we mention :

Le sublime 2020, Le flamboyant 2019 Le Phénix 2018L’éclatant 2017Le rayonnant 2016, Le magnifique 2015, L’Indien 2014, L’appétant 2013Le Premier 2012, Le Ciselé 2011, L’opulent 2010, Le baroque 2009, Le classique 2008, Le Charme 2007, Le Bordelais 2006, L’impétueux 2005, Le savoureux 2004, l’Oriental 2003La précision 2002, L’Élégance 2001, L’Équilibre 2000, L’inespéré 1999, La Subtilité 1998, La gourmandise 1997, La Grandeur du cabernet Franc 1996, L’harmonie 1995, 1994, 19931992, 1991, 1990, 1989 and 1988.

It’s worth mentioning that all the vine-growing specialists in France agree on the very high quality of the wines produced by this vineyard, despite the differences in dress and techniques used.