Château d'Yquem

Château d’Yquem is a winegrowing estate in the city of Bordeaux, and has been a fortress since the 12th century. As well as being steeped in history, the building produces bottles much appreciated by wine lovers. The castle located near the
Château La Tour Blanche is located on land that has all the elements necessary for the cultivation of vines.

Château d’Yquem presentation

Château d’Yquem is an estate of several hectares located in Bordeaux, Burgundy, on the highest part of the Sauternes. At the beginning of its history, the winery could have belonged to the King of England. However, in 1453, the site was annexed to France thanks to the intervention of Charles VII. Owned by the Sauvage family since 1593, the vineyard part of the château was gradually developed.

Attracting many tourists every year, this architecturally impressive complex features a chapel whose walls are painted with biblical scenes dating from the 18ᵉ century. In 2003, the building was added to France’s list of historic monuments.

Special features of the wines produced on the estate

Château d’Yquem wines are very popular, mainly because of their distinctive aroma. In fact, it is used to make liqueur, a special ingredient. It’s an aromatic fungus called Botrytis Cinerae. For the harvest, the experts sort or select the bunches of grapes on which the fungi are present. This technique gives the wine its delicious sweetness and slight acidity.

The ideal location for cultivation and the collaboration of vineyard experts make each bottle from the reserve a unique taste masterpiece. The prestige of Château d’Yquem estate wines is also made possible by the winemaking process. The grapes pass through large presses to extract the juice.

The winemakers start the fermentation process, which lasts about six weeks. The next stage in this process is breeding. This involves regularly separating the deposit contained in the barrels from the clear wine to reveal all the aromas of the beverage. The result is bottled and ready for consumption.

The diversity of Château d’Yquem wines

To satisfy their customers, the Château d’Yquem winemakers offer a rich range of exquisite, tasty liqueurs. Considered the world’s finest sweet wine to date, the Château Yquem estate boasts bottles of grands crus, including the 1982, 1960, 1995 and 1946 vintages. There are white wines, vintages and Bordeaux wines dating back 20, 50 and even 100 years.

With its luminous color, the estate’s wine can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Whether you prefer dried fruit, honey or citrus flavors, you’ll find a bottle to suit your palate. With friends or family, you can enjoy the château’s special beverage for a small fortune.

Delicate but somewhat complex, the nectar from this wine company lives up to its reputation. The liquid’s aromatic palette ranges from fruity to woody to floral. Whichever bottle you choose, the liqueur is just as welcome at private parties as it is at high-society charity galas.