Château la Tour Blanche

Considered as the first Grand Cru Classé of Sauternes, Château La Tour Blanche is also a wine elaborated in an estate of the same name. For many years, this prestigious French establishment, specialized in viticulture, has been nestled in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards like the Yquem wine. When it comes to wine, he offers the best possible products. Its notoriety allows it to arouse the interest of many amateurs throughout the world.

What is the origin of the Château de La Tour Blanche?
Founded in the 17th century by Monsieur de Latour Blanche, the Château la Tour Blanche estate produces all kinds of wines. The first owner was a squire, adviser to the Parliament of Bordeaux. In 1855, this wine was recognized as Premier Grand Cru Classé of Sauternes during the World Fair. The estate was bought in 1876 by Daniel Iffla.

In 1907, the latter bequeathed it to the French state after his death. In order to respect his wishes, a school of wine making and viticulture was established in 1911. This one is built on the estate to accommodate the children of the region. Today, the viticultural high school of the Château de La Tour Blanche trains many technicians and vineyard enthusiasts.

In addition, you should know that the entire estate is owned by the Ministry of Agriculture. It covers an area of 70 hectares. A large part of these are vineyards. In addition, the establishment produces special beverages. These are more or less sweet and are known under the name “Sauternes“.

It is a designation of controlled origin whose beverage is elaborated in Sauternais. This one represents one of the many subdivisions of the Bordeaux vineyard. Among other things, the estate is composed of gravelly soil favorable to surface drainage. This arrangement eliminates much more moisture at the foot of the vines, thus contributing to the improvement of the production.

What are the best vintages of Château de La Tour Blanche?
The wines produced by the Château de La Tour Blanche estate are made of exceptional ingredients. These vintages present unique flavors and tastes.

Château La Tour Blanche 2021

This vintage is the result of manual harvesting carried out in three successive selections. It gives life to a wine that blends harmoniously with power and freshness. On the nose, the flavors mingle with fragrances of white flowers and citrus zest. In the mouth, this wine is especially full and refined.

Château La Tour Blanche 2020

This masterpiece is a fusion of Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle and Semillon. It is very intense. In terms of flavors, this white wine seduces. In addition, you can feel the presence of aromas of lime blossom or orange tree. Fruity and fresh citrus notes are already apparent at first taste. In the cellar, it can be kept until 2042.

Château La Tour Blanche 2016

It presents itself as a generous Sauternes beverage with a white color. With a golden color, this vintage reveals a rather discreet nose with the scent of nuts. The fresh citrus fragrances express themselves without any resistance. Among other things, this persistent refreshing aspect makes this tank a delight.